27 June 2010


went to the consignment shop today.

i've been experimenting with my style lately. my problem is i like just about everything (especially everything that happens to be expensive), but i'm obnoxiously indecisive or impulsive. there are quite a few things i have bought only to look at them a month later & think 'what the hell was i thinking?'

what i do know about my style is that i like pairing historically un-pair-able colors: brown & black, gold & silver, navy & black. i also love grey, all kinds.

i am discovering how enjoyable it is to actually involve yourself in your fashion. last week i took an ancient pair of jeans (i'm talking freshman year of high school momentous first pair of lucky brand), grabbed the scissors & now i have a one of the kind pair of jean shorts, just the length i wanted.

any urban outfitters fans out there? 

i happen to live right across the street from one. i tend to just browse as their price & quality do not always make sense to me, butttt the other day they had a big sale & i purchased some basics & that blue floral top up there.

i always feel the need to define my style, but i've never been able to do it, which leaves me feeling as though i have no style. but i've started taking the fashion risks that i've been observing for ages & i must say it feels damn good.

do you have a style? can you define it?

23 June 2010

wednesday wine

hi all.

so emily's event of the week = wine tasting.
it just happened. so i thought eh? why not do a little blog-ity blogging.
i tried allllll 6 of the wines that were there. a sparkling, a white, & 4 reds (why the hell didn't i take a picture of the bottles? kicking myself)
did you know, before tonight, i didn't think i liked reds. did you know, i was wrong. i like reds & whites; my life could be complete at this moment.

so i didn't take as many pictures as i had hoped, but i had a lovely time. i felt quite glamourous in my cincinnati (except we were right on the river in kentucky).
red + rooftop pool + the city = can i have this every week?

other than that though i'm dealing with my roommates---okay i tried to deal with them last night---and i looked into my options of moving into another unit for a couple months but i don't want to have to do that. the plan is that the next time i talk to them face to face i lay down the law (so to speak). [ps the gist is that my roommates love to party & be loud & leave the apartment a mess, i don't, i've kind of let it go for the last 6 months and now i'm the only one in summer classes & i'm done letting it go. [twitter explains more]

not the most photogenic of appetizers. i am a fan of everything on the inside. nottttt a bacon fan, but my mom found it necessary that i try it & try it i did. not the end of world.

dinner tonight : wine + a bacon wrapped dried apricot & date stuffed with pistachios. woahhhhh.

Lalala well tomorrow i have class at 6PM! omg it is 6-9:30PM. i'm kind of scared, but i know i'll live.

do you like wine? i think i've expressed my feelings :)

this just in: good eats is on! all about toast, i like toast. probably my favorite food network show for real.
what is your favorite (food network)show to watch?

ps--this post was brought to you by multiple spell check checks.

peach. t'was tye-die.

16 June 2010

'summer break'

emily's busy day of "summer break"
3 words: yoga, whole foods, shopping.

highlight--yoga at move your hyde yoga
it was bliss. i wish i could go every morning, oh if i could live in hyde park. i went to their power 75 class & i was definitely skeptical of my ability to make it the whole 75 minutes. there were no mirrors (yes i am a mirror whore, i'll admit it) & only 6 of us in the class. i borrowed one of their mats; a manduka!! which i now need ;)
but the best part of the class--i sweat puddles. it felt amazing. all i can say.
ps: the studio is gorgeous & i will be making sure to take pictures.

do you yoga?
well yes :)
do you have a fancy/expensive mat?
mine's chilling in my apartment, its a gaiam & greyy<3 

have i mentioned that i love whole foods? cause i do. i felt it necessary to stop by after sweating buckets at yoga.
i was feeling adventurous so i talked to the guy making fresh juices and since i'd never had one he suggested his "first timer's juice"
first timer's juice = carrot, spinach, little bit of beet, ginger, orange juice.
frothyy. mine was beet-i-er.

and he made me a little wheatgrass to try. um, it tasted like grass.
he also gave them to me on the house. did i mention i love whole foods?
the verdict on the juice? umm i can't handle it. i wanted to like it, i really did, but i did not like it. kind of relieved to be honest.
i think i'll be sticking to my fruit juices.

thank you wehearit.com

&& i went shopping yesterday. went to the mall twice. my cosmo horoscope told me not to splurge because i would inevitably regret it today. i didn't listen, oops.

how do you feel about rompers? 
cause i bought a floral one, as i've been wanted one for weeks.
massive black sunglasses? 
bought those too, michael kors. the saleswoman made me do it.

excuse the photo. the style had just come in and when she said only 90 dollars, i actually believed her.

i'm thinking yesterday was the most action i've gotten in one day in a long time. which could explain why i couldn't keep my eyes open by 10:30.

today has been far less glamourous. i cleaned my bathroom, picked up my sister's from drama camp and summer school, went through my closet, sold some clothes, & grocery-ed.

10 June 2010


been a while, eh? (i would like to be canadian or british or italian or cooler)
how is everyone? anything new?
i've been a bit out of the loop, had to take my computer to one of my favorite places (the apple store) to get fixed and it took them ages (still love them).

my news:
  1. finished spring quarter. no more class till june 21st.
  2. hanging out at home till classes.
  3. cherries are delicious.
  4. 5th graders are brutal.
  5. been watching old movies of my family & i. my 1st day of kindergarten was a monumental event.
  6. bought a white watch yesterday.

so i thought i had made a decision, i was good with it. and damn it today i got the phone call i'd been waiting for and i committed to exactly what i decided against. rolling my eyes at myself for sure.

i love the fact that these flowers look troubled. they've seen thunderstorms and drought. no one went out of their way to keep them safe. sure they're a little beat up, but their still open to receive the world.
profound, eh? maybe not. dramatic? yes.

found what ever this is interesting when i was walking to kroger last night to ease my boredom and buy an avocado. it's kind of like what my town used to be, farm country. how its grown in during the 17 years i have lived here is ridiculous.

is everyone done with school? for everyone's sake i hope the answer is yes.
anyone else doing the summer school thing? i know chandz is ;)
are you living where you grew up? we moved here when i was 3 & aside from college i've always been here.

04 June 2010


i knew the "what's your favorite fruit?" question would be a tough one. that's why i asked & why i love you people :) happy friday.

this is why i like local coffee shops. crayons & quotes.

i'm currently in the midst of decision making. i have to evaluate what i want & what i need to get what i want. just waiting on a phone call with details on one of my options. the figuring out what i need would be a lot easier if i knew what i wanted. but important things aren't easy, right?
that's one of the things, i have a way of making nearly everything i do 10 times harder than it needs to be.
easy & uncomplicated don't jive for me.

i'm more of a "how in the world are we going to fix this disaster you've created"?
i think the problem is i can always find a way to fix the disaster. that's why i keep making them. what if there was a mess i couldn't clean up, would i finally learn my lesson? probably not--i'm stubborn.

i think all i can do right now is live moment to moment. enjoy my simple things. try different things. resist the urge to make everything "better".

a simple thing--fage 2%, apricot, cinnamon. 
ever walked to work while eating yogurt? no? well if you do, people will look at you funny, i guess yogurt is more of a sit down food.

what was the last different thing you tried?

02 June 2010


my apologies for absence in blog world. thank you for talking me off the ledge in my last post, my inner perfectionist is extremely high maintenance. she is practicing accepting things as they are presented to her.
she did maker herself a post trip salad to make herself feel better.
promptly took myself to the grocery store when i got home: spinach, broccoli, onion, red pepper, carrots, avocado, artichokes, & bbq. fstg multigrain chips + sabra roasted garlicc
just one big delicious mess.

happy wednesday---currently i'm working the real world & finals game. took 2 today. 1 friday. 1 tuesday.
& of course my allergies have decided to start acting up this week. i've been spending a lot of time whining/tweeting about them.
attempting to study at a cute cafe. praying the tropical fruit tart larabar & ceylon iced tea fix my nose.

tomorrow shall be an interesting day...i've got an appointment in the morning so i'm heading home tonight, all i want to say is please think of me tomorrow morning :)
apricot love. ridiculous.

what is your favorite fruit? 
me = fresh juicy pears.
are you good at feeling under the weather?
clearly i am not.