27 June 2010


went to the consignment shop today.

i've been experimenting with my style lately. my problem is i like just about everything (especially everything that happens to be expensive), but i'm obnoxiously indecisive or impulsive. there are quite a few things i have bought only to look at them a month later & think 'what the hell was i thinking?'

what i do know about my style is that i like pairing historically un-pair-able colors: brown & black, gold & silver, navy & black. i also love grey, all kinds.

i am discovering how enjoyable it is to actually involve yourself in your fashion. last week i took an ancient pair of jeans (i'm talking freshman year of high school momentous first pair of lucky brand), grabbed the scissors & now i have a one of the kind pair of jean shorts, just the length i wanted.

any urban outfitters fans out there? 

i happen to live right across the street from one. i tend to just browse as their price & quality do not always make sense to me, butttt the other day they had a big sale & i purchased some basics & that blue floral top up there.

i always feel the need to define my style, but i've never been able to do it, which leaves me feeling as though i have no style. but i've started taking the fashion risks that i've been observing for ages & i must say it feels damn good.

do you have a style? can you define it?


  1. Ahh fashion; something I try to be good at, think I miserably fail at, but somehow always manage to walk around looking pretty good... completely by accident. I don't really have a specific style... I just throw random things together, hope they look good, and try again if they don't. My style seems to always be changing, though, and it also shifts depending on my mood. Sometimes I like to dress up, and sometimes I just walk around in boyfriend jeans and a baggy tee. But I'm definitely with you on the gray... it's my favorite color to wear, for sure.

  2. i love consignment shopping! don't get me wrong, i love the mall too, but there's something about rooting through 'treasures' and finding something one-of-a-kind... and the prices help too :D

    hmm.. style... i like to think i have style, although i can be immature about it. i like girl-y, vintage things and stripes and solid color and polka dots. HEADBANDS. as for color, i don't wear a lot of black, i like white, bright colors, i love gray too, hmmm... i've been really feeling yellow lately. my style is probably super annoying, hahahah

    p.s. yes let's chat soon! i shall IM you on FB when you least expect it lol. have a great days emzzzz <3

  3. Oh nice little finds there!
    It's so fulfilling to find items your love at a very low price.
    Thrifting (or even just "sorting" at a tough-to-find-cute-stuff place) is fun to me because of the hunt.
    You don't just show up and buy the first thing you see, fresh of the rack and at any price, but you sift through dozens and hundreds of useless and lame clothing and accessories to find exactly what you like.

    Do you have good thrifting places where you live?
    Next time, take me with you!

  4. urban outfitters is my FAV!
    my style...? leggings, long sweaters, big jewlery.. (betsey johnson jewlery) and stunnah shades.
    holla ballah ;)

  5. I think we have to same problem..... I like everything!!! And I always seem to like expensive things.... totally not working for this unemployed girl right now!!!!
    Urban outfitters is awesome though!!!
    Seriously.... i wear jeans or leggings with sweaters most days. LOVE summer dresses when the weather is warm enough (not often in Vancouver.... :(...... ), high waisted skirts. Sometimes I'm more trendy, sometimes I dress like a grandma...... haha

  6. Em I didn't even know you had a new blog!! love it :)

    I am constantly looking for my own personal style. love the pictures