16 June 2010

'summer break'

emily's busy day of "summer break"
3 words: yoga, whole foods, shopping.

highlight--yoga at move your hyde yoga
it was bliss. i wish i could go every morning, oh if i could live in hyde park. i went to their power 75 class & i was definitely skeptical of my ability to make it the whole 75 minutes. there were no mirrors (yes i am a mirror whore, i'll admit it) & only 6 of us in the class. i borrowed one of their mats; a manduka!! which i now need ;)
but the best part of the class--i sweat puddles. it felt amazing. all i can say.
ps: the studio is gorgeous & i will be making sure to take pictures.

do you yoga?
well yes :)
do you have a fancy/expensive mat?
mine's chilling in my apartment, its a gaiam & greyy<3 

have i mentioned that i love whole foods? cause i do. i felt it necessary to stop by after sweating buckets at yoga.
i was feeling adventurous so i talked to the guy making fresh juices and since i'd never had one he suggested his "first timer's juice"
first timer's juice = carrot, spinach, little bit of beet, ginger, orange juice.
frothyy. mine was beet-i-er.

and he made me a little wheatgrass to try. um, it tasted like grass.
he also gave them to me on the house. did i mention i love whole foods?
the verdict on the juice? umm i can't handle it. i wanted to like it, i really did, but i did not like it. kind of relieved to be honest.
i think i'll be sticking to my fruit juices.

thank you wehearit.com

&& i went shopping yesterday. went to the mall twice. my cosmo horoscope told me not to splurge because i would inevitably regret it today. i didn't listen, oops.

how do you feel about rompers? 
cause i bought a floral one, as i've been wanted one for weeks.
massive black sunglasses? 
bought those too, michael kors. the saleswoman made me do it.

excuse the photo. the style had just come in and when she said only 90 dollars, i actually believed her.

i'm thinking yesterday was the most action i've gotten in one day in a long time. which could explain why i couldn't keep my eyes open by 10:30.

today has been far less glamourous. i cleaned my bathroom, picked up my sister's from drama camp and summer school, went through my closet, sold some clothes, & grocery-ed.


  1. omg, em, you are too funny. "how do you feel about rompers?" i dont know, the way you worded that, made me laugh/smile. i'll give you an essay-style report on my feelings towards rompers one day ;D

    so glad you enjoyed the day! and the yoga! and all of it. sounds picture perfect, just like you. (omg, im so corny)
    . . . backing away from keyboa r d . . .

  2. I'm so jealous of you Americans and your Whole Foods. I think there are some in Canada, but none in my city :( I would love all the goodness that they have to offer! But I could definitely do without the veggie juice thing that you mentioned. I love being healthy, and all, but not taking it THAT far. Fruit juices are definitely better, but smoothies are the best :}

    And is it bad of me to feel glad that I'm not the only one who can't keep her eyes open past 10:30?

  3. wow emily, your blog name holds true! i giggled at the sunglasses joke :] hehe. the saleswoman made me buy them -- sometimes can be so true though!
    i don't think i'm a juice person either. sometimes things are not supposed to be put into a drink [read: grass]
    take care!

  4. i have a mini yoga session every night :)
    but i don't have a mat..
    I love the romper youre wearign! :)

  5. Ha! Em, this is so funny, just hearing your words and opinions. I like the honesty about fresh juice. I mean...I bought a juicer back when I was trying to be Miss Vegan Purist or whatever, and those things weren't amazing. Did you feel really clean after drinking it? I always felt so clean, and had a big burst of energy, but I can get the same thing from my morning coffee, and that stuff is delicious. Just have a salad, you know? It's all good. I found that I'm a much happier person when I don't kill myself with "healthy".

    Hope you're having a great day, girl!

  6. yes i agree..whole foods is definatly the place to be!!!..lol.i do yoga 3x a week, my mom and i go to a class once and then i just do it by myself...i've never tried a "juice"..i should give it a whirl!!!