23 June 2010

wednesday wine

hi all.

so emily's event of the week = wine tasting.
it just happened. so i thought eh? why not do a little blog-ity blogging.
i tried allllll 6 of the wines that were there. a sparkling, a white, & 4 reds (why the hell didn't i take a picture of the bottles? kicking myself)
did you know, before tonight, i didn't think i liked reds. did you know, i was wrong. i like reds & whites; my life could be complete at this moment.

so i didn't take as many pictures as i had hoped, but i had a lovely time. i felt quite glamourous in my cincinnati (except we were right on the river in kentucky).
red + rooftop pool + the city = can i have this every week?

other than that though i'm dealing with my roommates---okay i tried to deal with them last night---and i looked into my options of moving into another unit for a couple months but i don't want to have to do that. the plan is that the next time i talk to them face to face i lay down the law (so to speak). [ps the gist is that my roommates love to party & be loud & leave the apartment a mess, i don't, i've kind of let it go for the last 6 months and now i'm the only one in summer classes & i'm done letting it go. [twitter explains more]

not the most photogenic of appetizers. i am a fan of everything on the inside. nottttt a bacon fan, but my mom found it necessary that i try it & try it i did. not the end of world.

dinner tonight : wine + a bacon wrapped dried apricot & date stuffed with pistachios. woahhhhh.

Lalala well tomorrow i have class at 6PM! omg it is 6-9:30PM. i'm kind of scared, but i know i'll live.

do you like wine? i think i've expressed my feelings :)

this just in: good eats is on! all about toast, i like toast. probably my favorite food network show for real.
what is your favorite (food network)show to watch?

ps--this post was brought to you by multiple spell check checks.

peach. t'was tye-die.


  1. Very glamorous and exciting little picture there of the pool+city thing.
    And I like the idea of "everything inside" without the bacon...how does bacon even work its way into that? it's so not even a bacon-kinda food, you know? Oh well, good for you, for trying it out ;)
    Anyway,m I'll see you around, Em!

  2. fantastical <3
    I love red wine.. i am glad you enjoyed your tasting!
    Favorite food network show.. Diners, Drive Inns, and Dives.. haha, i love it :) And Iron Chef America! oh.. and Chopped

  3. im too young to drink wine - but I know my parents love red whine :)

    favorite food network show = anything with Giada!

  4. babygirl i've been thinking about you like crizazzyy!

    i've always wanted to go wine tasting-- superrr jealous! i'm a fan of matching the right red or white wine with the right meal or dessert.

    love diners, drive inns and dives, love chopped, love CUPCAKE WARS, love iron chef america, love it all ha.

    i understand the roommate shizz. wanna talk it out??

    let's chat soon paleasee<3