04 June 2010


i knew the "what's your favorite fruit?" question would be a tough one. that's why i asked & why i love you people :) happy friday.

this is why i like local coffee shops. crayons & quotes.

i'm currently in the midst of decision making. i have to evaluate what i want & what i need to get what i want. just waiting on a phone call with details on one of my options. the figuring out what i need would be a lot easier if i knew what i wanted. but important things aren't easy, right?
that's one of the things, i have a way of making nearly everything i do 10 times harder than it needs to be.
easy & uncomplicated don't jive for me.

i'm more of a "how in the world are we going to fix this disaster you've created"?
i think the problem is i can always find a way to fix the disaster. that's why i keep making them. what if there was a mess i couldn't clean up, would i finally learn my lesson? probably not--i'm stubborn.

i think all i can do right now is live moment to moment. enjoy my simple things. try different things. resist the urge to make everything "better".

a simple thing--fage 2%, apricot, cinnamon. 
ever walked to work while eating yogurt? no? well if you do, people will look at you funny, i guess yogurt is more of a sit down food.

what was the last different thing you tried?


  1. Awww Em I hope everything turns out well!
    Decisions are so frightening.

  2. the last different thing... hmm.
    frozen grapes ? :)
    they taste awesome! :)

  3. Decisions are always hard to make. I'm the exact same way when it comes to making everything far more complicated than it needs to be. Can probably thank my black and white thinking for that one. I hope you're able to figure things out soon though, hun; sucks being stuck in that indecisive state.

    The last different thing I tried was throwing chocolate chips into my homemade cookies instead of raisins. Best. decision. ever.

    Oh and I have to say that your yogurt/apricot picture may had made me drool a little bit; and I don't even like apricot...

  4. love this. love you more.

    i brought oatmeal to class once. talk about awkward.

    last different thing i tried: admitting i needed to go to treatment? nawww thats boring.

    how about..... going to ikea this morning!! ha

  5. (I'm new to your blog. Excited to find you. And I think your question at the end of your blog is a GREAT idea!) Hmm...the last different thing I tried was going no-poo (shampoo free, by using baking soda and apple cider vinegar instead)...and I LOVE it!

  6. the last "new" things I tried was plain organic yogurt in simple corn flakes.
    cinnamon , of course, ontop!