10 June 2010


been a while, eh? (i would like to be canadian or british or italian or cooler)
how is everyone? anything new?
i've been a bit out of the loop, had to take my computer to one of my favorite places (the apple store) to get fixed and it took them ages (still love them).

my news:
  1. finished spring quarter. no more class till june 21st.
  2. hanging out at home till classes.
  3. cherries are delicious.
  4. 5th graders are brutal.
  5. been watching old movies of my family & i. my 1st day of kindergarten was a monumental event.
  6. bought a white watch yesterday.

so i thought i had made a decision, i was good with it. and damn it today i got the phone call i'd been waiting for and i committed to exactly what i decided against. rolling my eyes at myself for sure.

i love the fact that these flowers look troubled. they've seen thunderstorms and drought. no one went out of their way to keep them safe. sure they're a little beat up, but their still open to receive the world.
profound, eh? maybe not. dramatic? yes.

found what ever this is interesting when i was walking to kroger last night to ease my boredom and buy an avocado. it's kind of like what my town used to be, farm country. how its grown in during the 17 years i have lived here is ridiculous.

is everyone done with school? for everyone's sake i hope the answer is yes.
anyone else doing the summer school thing? i know chandz is ;)
are you living where you grew up? we moved here when i was 3 & aside from college i've always been here.


  1. There was actually a dark period of my life where I could. not. stop ending my questions in "eh"... it gets kind of addicting, so be careful...

    All done with school here, and not going back until September. I know people do the summer school thing to get through school quicker, but I'm selfish and like my summers to myself. And I've lived in the same city for my whole life. We have one of the best universities in Canada here, so I was fortunate enough not to have to move for school... but sometimes I think it would be nice to get away from here. It feels kind of boring and drab...

  2. sadly, no I am not done with school..blasphemy, I know.
    and I've lived in the same place my whole life too!


  3. Congrats again, Em, for finishing the quarter. I know summer classes will be a breeze for you. As long as you take lots of photos and go on fun adventures (you know, to yoga, and the grocery story ;D) !

    Love you. Please fill me in via text about this decision business. Im here for you !

    <3 always.

  4. just came across your blog girlie! love it :]
    i'm not done with school rawr -- only a few more days to go! good luck with summer school!

  5. Glad you are finished with school!
    What do you study?
    I'm not in school...graduated last year and just being a person now, no college or anything.

    Wouldn't it be cool to be Canadian or British or something? Have a neat accent?
    People around here have really disgusting southern accents, which I haven't picked up, but my fiance and I plan to speak in a cool New Zealand accent around the house once we get married, so all our kids will speak that way. Won't that be fun?! Ha ha

    Have a good one, Em.

  6. i love yur watch! so gorgeous<3 as are you, magoo!! xoxox

  7. uh, i LOVE YOUR WATCH.

    cherries *are* delicious.

    and i like that last picture with the caution tape a lot.

    enjoy your time off from school! i know how major decisions w/ school [or whatever] feel like, i'm in the process of making some too... and i'm actually not taking summer courses anymore... but i feel so cool that you linked me AND called me Chandz ;) i've heard from lots of people though that they aren't that bad [summer courses], so i'm sure you will be fine!

    good luck with your moves. it all works out in the end... somehow. sending lots of love <3

  8. Hey, I am a new follower, and I wanted to say that 1.) your blog is really cool and 2.) we live really near! I live in a town called Hagerstown in Indiana. It's about 30 minutes away from Richmond, IN. It's neat to find bloggers (especially ones around my age) that live nearby. :)

    Feel free to hit up my blog at: http://dontworrybehappybevegan.blogspot.com

    I will be changing to wordpress soon, but in the meantime i will be on blogger! hope to hear from you! :)