01 July 2010

beautiful nostalgia

how do you feel about nostalgia?
i'm feeling it right now as i sit in my 3 and a half hour night class, being re-taught excel solver in a less effective manner than when i was originally taught at IU. 
i remember the group that helped me & laughed with me, we were on top of things & hardly ever procrastinated. 

sometimes i feel like i live in a world of constant memories. thoughts move from yesterday to last winter to five years ago. it makes the future seem unattainable. i'm twenty years old and my past is expansive. i find myself thinking oh god in ten years i'll be thirty. i sound like a forty year old.

sometimes nostalgia is just what you need though. i love when a song takes me back. nsync, britney spears, christina aguilera, hansen <--eight years old, my front yard with my next door neighbors, making up dance routines for an invisible audience. 

there should always be room for new too. 
especially in fruit form.

plumcot. yep found this baby at whole foods. looks exactly like a purple apricot on the outside. so delicious.

FIG. i overheard someone talking about figs when i was paying & i could not leave without checking for them. sure 8oz is 5 dollars. but you best believe i waiting in line again to buy them. my excitement mortified my younger sister.

i hope today was a beautiful day where you are. it was here. i went outside to get out of my apartment & return some stuffs to urban. soon i found myself wandering around clifton phone-less & ipod-less. i just looked around. i did have my camera. 

this is clifton. i find it interesting.

saint george church. i don't think it holds service anymore but, i do see the homeless man who sleeps on the steps more than i see my friends.

are you nostalgic? do you have memories that often repeat?
do you ever find yourself free? 
when i walking around i was free for moments. it wasn't constant, but it was there.


  1. this sounds funny we have a fig tree and my grandma has a fig tree..and i've never tried figs..i guess i really wasn't into trying new things a while back..lol..and btw...i like your pictures!! they look really good!

  2. I saw plumcots at our Whole foods! I had a grapple one time, and it was gross, so I got turned off the hybrid fruit idea. Perhaps I should try again though!
    I am pretty nostalgic.... i always think about when I was younger and was so carefree and innocent and naive.... and I wish I could go back there.....

  3. How jealous am I that you found fresh figs? I've been wanting to try them forever now, but I just can't find them anywhere :( Fingers crossed that they turn up soon!

    I'm super nostalgic, and a lot of songs/places/smells/things bring back memories of the past.The danger of it is that I oftentimes find myself wanting to return to that time because I have this idea in my head that life used to be so much better... conveniently forgetting that life had it's problems back then as well. It's easy to look back and only see the good, and not so easy to see the good in our day to day lives. It's something I'm trying to improve on, though, as it makes living in the present moment so much more enjoyable.

  4. Yes I'm nostalgic! Especially, for some reason, as the summer comes on and all the "summer memories" hit me with the smell of saltwater and the feel of sweat. Nothing wrong with looking back, as long as you also look forward. And I find that often when looking back over where I've been and what I've done helps me with the present; it gives perspective, which is a priceless gift.

  5. The photo of the figs... beautiful! Not to mention delicious :)

    I'm ridiculously nostalgic - I still find myself reading children's story book and buying cuddly toys that remind me of my childhood, and sometimes the only cure for a bad day is to watch a favourite childhood film.

  6. I'm nostalgic! I have the tendency to idealize things in my mind, particularly parts of my childhood. It's that sort of thing where you just know that there were good and bad memories, but your mind has shut away the negatives and all that remains are hazy, happy memories.
    My memory that's "on repeat" is living in the desert and the dry heat of the summers. We rode our bikes out among rolling sand dunes covered in cactus for hours and hours. I realize what freedom we had as children during the summers - no responsibility, no school or work. Sleep-overs every night. Camp-outs in the mountains. We simply followed our imaginations wherever they led us!

  7. I'm the epitome of nostalgic! I always relate experiences to prior events from my youth, but I'm learning more how to live in the present.

    I want to buy figs, but you're right, they are really pricey. and I love your layout..the sunflowers make me smile :)


  8. i love this post. I love walking aimlessly and mindlessly. even if people are staring at me like i'm a freak. even if i have no idea where i'm going. i love the few precious moments of freedom.