30 July 2010


can i please make some cliche comment about how fast things can change? because holy shit. i have had a week that i am sure i will never have again. after months of confusion & weeks of attempting to push myself into the co-op program i have three job offers. i am beyond words. beyond. i have never been so flattered in my life.
now i'm in the position to make a choice. a choice that i has put me in tears, but no matter my choice, i am incredibly fortunate & i know that.

i also went to the john mayer concert at riverbend music center. i partook in a lot of people watching / staring & judging drunks. it was a load of fun, i learned that there are a lot of interesting people at riverbend.
i especially liked the guy with a pregnant girlfriend with him who was drinking beer from a straw, chain smoking cigs, occasionally pulling out a blunt & asked my friend if he could wrap her in his blanket and take her home with him.

he's the one with the fedora. quite the happy fella.

i also fell more in love with john mayer as the night went on, he has a warped intelligence & i adore the way he articulates his thoughts.

i had lawn seats; for an encore he played "your body is a wonderland" acoustic in the pavilion  

mini update for now. yoga in the morning. i need it.

how was your week?
what was the last big change in your life?


  1. yay for your job offers, emily!
    I'm so glad things have turned around for you!


  2. Congrats on all of the job offers, girl! That's really awesome, and I bet it leaves you feeling a whole lotta' proud :)

    My week was a good one. Lots of sun and socializing. As for a big change... hmm. Not too much, actually. I guess I'm in the slow part of life where everything remains pretty stable before BOOM it all hits at once. I DID get a new toothbrush, though ;)

  3. you know why you had the job offers??? bc youre fabulous and you deserve it.

    revel in yourself. love love youuu <3

    p.s. i also hate you for seeing john mayer ;)

  4. CONGRATULATIONS on the job offers!! what an amazing feeling :) you are very fortunate but also totally deserving! good job for putting yourself out there (& all that ;D )hope we get to know which one you end up accepting?!

    the concert sounded awesome --- i've never listened to any JM but now i kinda want to try him out.

    happy monday/august (!)


  5. congrats about the job offers- that is so exciting & you deserve it!! & sooo jealous of the concert, i almost went to that!!