06 July 2010


attempted a bit of a design update; what do you think?

as i'm sure all of you are aware, today is tuesday. i spent my weekend at home, supposedly celebrating the 4th of july, but really i was just attempting to practice the art of relaxation.
saturday i did some free flow yoga (first time i've been on the mat since that tuesday). and i finally examined my relationship with yoga. & what it comes down to is that i have a hard time stepping on the mat if i am not going to get an intense physical workout.
to remedy this i'm making a yoga commitment to myself.
i will practice yoga everyday. no time spent on the mat is too short nor too long. no pose is greater than another. i will practice breath rather than cultivating sweat. i will take each moment as they are & when each moment is complete i will move on.

i spent sunday taking care of my house while my parents & siblings went on a trip for the night.
i met my grandparents at the farmer's market (10 grain fresh baked bread. it is delicious.), took care of the dog, watered the plants, had a friend over--went to the pool, grilled zucchini & eggplant, watched capote, & slept in my parents bed (just for the dog's sake ;) of course). quite a day in my book.

today i'm back at school attempting to undo my academic advisor's forgetfulness & appeal my way into the cooperative education program.
the problem: i have above the maximum credit hour limit.
the solution: 4 quarters of co-op work into my schedule anyway.
the issue: my advisor forgot about the meeting we had back in january when she said she would pre-approve me.

i sent my letter a couple hours ago & hopefully i can get a definitive answer by the end of the week.
the mess this has turned into has caused me stress & frustration. but have to remember that results happen with a clear head & i did my part. i cannot go back in time & its no use harping on what i will do if i get rejected; i just have to wait. easier said than done.

so, to attempt to alleviate some stress & allow some calm into my life, i read.
my current reading materials. don't the bottom ones look fun?

let's see, my pleasure reading consists of: 
bohemian manifesto: a field guide to living life on the edge--if you ever see this please at least flip through it, it is absolutely hysterical & may soon convince me that dropping out of school and becoming a yoga instructor is a very good idea.
alice in wonderland--i was supposed to read this senior year of high school but i essentially skimmed through it, i'm reading it very slowly now & it is much more enjoyable that way.
eat, pray, love--just started this one. the hype around it originally turns me off but my friend wanted me to read it with her so we could talk about it. so far i like gilbert's style.
the girl with the dragon tattoo--just started this one too, my grandma absolutely loves it. it is all right, still waiting for it to grab my attention.

clearly, focusing my attention 9 different ways keeps me entertained. 

as do freshly bloomed sunflowers.

do you & yoga have a relationship? hopefully soon mine will become a softer one.
what are you reading right now? to many books for my own good.
what's your favorite way to calm down? long baths & sleep work wonders.


  1. don't you love when you have the house to yourself? It's so relaxing :)
    And yes, I have a relationship with yoga..I do it when my body tells me that it wants to do it. sure, there are days when I don't want to practice, so I listen to myself. right now I just finished reading the short second life of bree tanner, it was good, but not as good as the twilight saga. my favorite way to calm down is a nice warm shower.

    have a good week!

  2. Love the new look, girlie. Very chic :)

    When I first started yoga, I wasn't really into it because I didn't feel like it was giving me a good workout, but now, it's become one of my favorite ways to relax. I like it more for a way to get peace of mind rather than a good sweat session. Yoga taught me to appreciate the strength of a healthy body and learn to be more in tune with my body.

    I have a lot of books going at the moment as well. I find that what I like to read depends on my mood, so I always have a few different options open :)

    Hope everything works out for you with the school thing.

  3. Yeah I like the new look!
    And let me know what you end up thinking about Eat Pray Love. I've been wanting to read it...can't find it at the library...but if it's really good then I'll hunt it down!

  4. I love yoga! And I've been doing pretty well with doing it to relax/ meditate rather than a form of "exercise".
    Books.... I've now read about 10 pages of eat, pray, love. I like it so far too...
    I really want to read the girl with the dragon tattoo.... they have a movie on that. They come out with movies for EVERYTHING! Its so frustrating.
    I just read the alchemist.... movie coming out on that too..... grrrrrr
    Ummm.... the pact by jodi piquolt..... night by elie weisel.....
    there are more.... jsut can't think of them now.
    Bubble baths are a great way to relax.....

  5. i love the new design! so simple and clean. i also your strategic enlarged fonts!

    i read Eat, Pray, Love a couple years ago... & hey i think the movie is coming out soon?! i appreciated it... it wasn't AMAZING to me but i think it was really cool how she got to do all of that stuff and then write about it. she has a new book out now too, Committed - it's about her relationship with the Indonesia guy... oo sorry i don't want to spoil anything for you hehe ;)

    i have yet to get in to yoga! scott really likes it. i took a beginners class last year and it was okay. i'll probably get around to liking it eventually, it just takes me forever to do anything. i've only just started brewing my own coffee.

    beautiful flower picture btw! lots of love <333