24 July 2010


so, life is happening right now. did you know that? the concept is absolutely lost on me sometimes.

ever had an on the spot phone interview while walking around a boutique, a sweaty mess after 75 minutes of power yoga? that was me thursday. life.

ever felt clueless when you read an email from a company confirming your phone interview & thought 'what the hell i could have sworn i was going to have to re-arrange my life to get to their office at 1:30pm'? that was me thursday. life.

ever been woken up at 4am by the smoke alarm in your apartment to realize your roommates idiot friends were smoking pot in your kitchen & see the hash was all over you international business textbook? did you yell "what the fuck?' more times than you can count? that was me thursday. life.

ever taken an 8am european history midterm exam? that was me friday. life.

i repeat, i would like a vacation, i would like a break, i would like a hug.

once upon a time i was easy breezy. 

friday after my test my grandma picked me up & i'm spending the weekend at her house. i am absolutely exhausted.

what is life doing to you right now?


  1. Awww. Life sounds like it's giving you a pretty good kick in the butt right now; sorry, hun. I hope things settle for you a bit.

    I haven't had to deal with anything too unpleasant, but I've been pretty crazy busy lately and it's making me kind of want to scream and find a dark corner to hide in. I mean, I love being busy... but it's getting a little overwhelming and I find myself unable to stop racing thoughts. Boo. I hope you're able to enjoy your weekend though <3

  2. girl, aw.

    things are insane right now for you :(
    I'm sorry!

  3. Oh baby girl <3

  4. liiiife. this post randomly first reminded me of that... insurance commercial... ahh I forget the name of the company but their logo is "For the IF in LIFE!" lol ?!

    i hope you were able to relax this weekend at your grandma's. no better place to go for R&R, i think :) but omg --- can't believe your roommates! you have every right to be P I S S E D .

    here's to a better week? <3!

  5. here is so many inspirations!

    have a nice time!