20 July 2010


i called off work tonight. i didn't fake sick, even though i called in an hour before i was scheduled to come in. i felt like such a bitch doing it, but i had to do it. i put my sanity first.
tonight i sent my co-op shit in. love that i had less than 24hours to do what everyone else had 4 weeks to do [i'm done complaining]. i put it all out there & now its time to wait (again) for companies to make their choices for who they want to interview. 

aside from the stress of today, i've had a lot of stress. all self-induced of course. i'm tired. i'd like a vacation.

speaking of work . . .
myra's dionysus; i will never get over the fact that i work here. there are so many "myra things" its ridiculous.

but---i also got a 1/2 job. what is a 1/2 job? well its a job where you don't get paid, but you fucking love it. yes you are reading about the girl at my favorite yoga studio who signs people in before class & swiffers the studio after class. in return for my "work" i get free classes. it is absolutely ideal. (minus the fact that i take the city bus there, but i deal)

perk of the studio location: hyde park.
fresh carrot from the hyde park farmer's market. 

i did take some time for myself this weekend. for the record that is the biggest diet coke of my life & inception was fantastic.

what was the last movie you saw? inception, this movie kind of blew my mind. i think i told my sister that my life had be changed.
do you put yourself first? or more go go go? eh with the excess stress i put on myself i find that i have to really work to put myself first, my first instinct is to keep going.


  1. Your half-job situation sounds pretty sweet! I'd definitely be willing to do that for some free yoga classes :) And I want to see Inception sooo badly, especially because I can't even remember the last movie I saw in theaters. Yes, I'm super cool :)

    And I'm sorry to hear that you've been dealing with so much stress :( But I think it's great that you put yourself first and took the time off. I used to kill myself trying to do things, as well, but lately I've been putting my health first, and I'm liking it a lot more ;)

  2. i got the same ginormous diet coke.. and went to see inception.. damnit, it was sold out!!!
    .. maybe tomorrow :D tee hee

    Its awesome you get giant carrots and free yoga!! WAHOO

  3. Congratulations on finishing the work, and no surprise that you finished well ahead of the deadline! ;) I think that your 1/2 job is ideal and the city bus allows for time to yourself to compose your thoughts (Loved it when I did it!) It really is a big city experience in a not so big city. Glad that you are taking time for yourself -- you're worth it :)

  4. don'tfeel bad for a second about calling out of work! it helps. it sounds like you are very busy and keeping your sanity is important. i hope you feel a little better to-day? (dunno why i just put a dash between the "to" and "day")

    the last movie i saw was The Last Airbender, omg it was SO BAD. i hate fantasy genre/movies/books in general (except for Harry Potter) and scott had to drag me to this one, but it was ridiculous, the acting... omg. but yeah, i really want to see Inception! definitely more my type. can't wait for Eat Pray Love too :D

    mmm diet coke. so chemical-y but so good. my favorite is actually Sprite Zero, but that's harder to find :(

    happy wednesday <3 <3

  5. Aw, it sounds really crappy right now.
    Just enjoy what you can and try to get through the bad stuff.

    My last movie was...last night! We saw Despicable Me. Cute kids movie :)

  6. omg inception was my last movie too! it was AMAZING. and it's so cool that you get free classes in exchange for doing some work around the yoga place..that's a deal.

    hang in there, girl!