13 July 2010

my sisters

my sisters. no use telling me they're beautiful, because believe me, i all ready know it. 

sitting here thinking back through the 15 years i've spent with libby & the 10 years spent with mary. i've lived through all of their phases & each new phase always brings a more connected relationship. funny how somehow the same thing has happened with my younger brother.

we keep it simple: i like them and they like me. 

we're all different, but we're all wired the same. mary & i feel emotions the same way, i see so much of myself in her. libby is bitingly sarcastic & unbelievably compassionate.
the fact that they can't & won't leave me gives me something to hold onto. 

it is about time i become content with being the oldest. 

do you have siblings? 
do you like them?


  1. Aww it's stuff like this that makes me wish I had siblings. I don't, unfortunately. My parents wanted more children, but my mom wasn't able to have them... I think they had a hard enough time having me :(

    It can be kind of nice being the only child, because you don't have to share or fight for attention, but at the same time, parents tend to be overprotective because you're their one and only.

  2. I have two siblings. Two sisters.. a twin, and one that is seven years older than us. I adore them.. They are both strong, intendant, stunning women.
    Your sisters are lucky to have you in their life. <3 I bet you make an incredible sister. All of you have such great freckles. I adore freckles.. I see them as a sign of youth :) xo

  3. They are cute :)

    I don't have siblings and to tell you the truth I miss it a lot. It's fun to play and fight with them.

  4. Yes I have siblings!
    I love 'em to death! Especially since we're all getting older and more into the same world- not at totally different awkward preteen years and such, but more on the same level I guess. One older sister and one younger brother. They are wonderful!
    PS gotta say it. your sisters are so, so, so cute with those freckles! (jealous)

  5. I have siblings! I am the youngest, I used to fight with them when I was younger, but now that we all have gotten older, we are close and I can confide in them. I have one older sister and one older brother.


  6. This is actually a really COOL post. By cool i mean thought invoking, genius, and just plain interesting.

    I have one sister, older by 5 years, and I can't honestly say that there's anybody on the face of this planet that I love more than I love her. She's my everything. We look almost exactly the same, think the same, sound the same, run the same, I swear, sometimes I feel we ARE the same. Heck, she's the other half of me.


  7. This post is so adorable!!
    I have a younger brother adn an older sister.....
    I love them both to bits.

  8. so beautiful- having sisters areamazing. My sister & I don't always see eye to eye, but in the end i love her and that is what really matters.

  9. I adore my little sister. She's my best friend!

    your sisters are beautiful!

  10. your sisters ARE beautiful... as are YOU. dont forget that.

    expect a video soon <3

    love love loveeeeeeeee.

    p.s. your tweets make my life. ha

  11. your sisters are so cute :) i can see the resembelence, too!

    i'm an only child. i can be a bitch about it. in my mom's defense, she has 10 siblings and i have 25+ cousins on her side alone... but yeah, i'm zee odd one out lol

    have a beautiful tuesday, emily! <3

  12. i have two sisters and a bro. love this post and love them. :]

  13. Everything is no longer OK at all.
    They are doing a movie.
    They thought it was about Greyhounds.