19 May 2010


i thought i was over oatmeal.
do not get me wrong, oatmeal and i had some exquisitely delicious and comforting times. but i've been enjoying more variety (sprouted english muffins, toast, waffles) in my breakfasts lately & oats got knocked off their pedestal.
but this morning oats were divine, yummy and beautiful. i wish i had a picture.

the recipe shall suffice:
1/3 cup old fashion oats
1 small banana; some cooked in
a few raisins
1 apricot
1 tsp pure maple syrup

note: almost all images from weheartit.com

altogether now--

1/3 cup old fashion oats
1 small banana
1 apricot, sliced
1 tbsp almond butter
1 tsp pure maple syrup

i microwave my oats seeing as i don't have a pot to my name, and i am too impatient for them to cook stovetop anyway. so my method:
add water to oats (maybe 2/3 cup...) microwave 1 minute. add some banana. microwave 1 minute. add raisins. microwave 30 seconds (or till you get to a consistency you like). add apricot slices, remaining banana, maple syrup, and almond butter. gingerly stir, to let everyone awkwardly mingle.

how did you begin your day this morning?


  1. This morning started like any other morning; with oats and coffee. Strawberry banana oats with almond butter to be more exact. I'm not sure what it is, but I seem to crave oats every morning, and can't imagine starting the day any other way, which is a good thing because the less time I have to spend trying to think up what I want, the happier I am.

  2. that sounds so good! i love apricots :) i love how you wrote out this post and love the pics! sounds like a perfect way to start off your morning, oats are the best in the morning, although i would like to venture out and have a sprouted English muffin or toast etc but oats i just can not part with them ;)

    welll, i started off my morning today with a bowl of old fashioned oats cooked in water some cinnamon, a pkt of truvia, 1/2 a pretty large banana cooked in, 1/2 a cup of frozen bloooberries some melted in and the rest i melted in the micro and put on top and then topped with a tbsp of maranatha sunflower seed butter, cooked on the stove top and enjoyed with a huge mug of black coffee!! ;)


  3. mmmm, sounds so good! I had oatmeal with PB and chocolate chips this morning! Its kinda like a reeses pB cup! :) Nice and filling and really sticks with me through the morning! I am starting to broaden my breakfast options too, i got so hooked into oatmeal every morning, and I still almost always have it, but lately I have tried english muffins with nut butters and fruit and I have enjoyed that, but oatmeal is still my usual! :) I love the pictures you used! :)

  4. yummy! oats with any nut butter are amazing..
    this morning I started out with an english muffin with walnut butter and pumpkin butter and a banana :)


  5. You found fresh apricots? Lucky! They are one of my all time favorite fruits. Sounds like a lovely breakfast <3

    Thank you for the well wishes today! Love you Emz.

  6. hahah I'm also WAY too impatient to wait for oatmeal to cook over a darn stove. Microwaves are the best invention EVER!! I've never thought to have oatmeal with apricot in it, but i can imagine it to be absolutely delicious, even more so than apples in it!!

    I began my day with 4 kinds of cereal with banana and rice milk! muhaha cereal mixing is my thing...as you can tell!

    P.s. I'm hosting a giveaway for organic fair trade preserves! Does strawberry basil and blueberry merlot jam sound up your alley? :)

  7. ohmygoodness, i'm so happy you're back!!

    i love your blog, it brings smiles to my face and warmth, bc i know how similar we are.

    you know i'm here to chat, always.

    thinking of you and love you to pieces!
    bec xo

  8. ... i cook my oatmeal the EXACT SAME WAY. no stove top, microwaving, etc.

    i love your new blog, i am v. happy you are back :) and you're the first i've seen switch from WP to blogger - i've thought numerous times about making that same switch, i don't get the blogger ---> WP, i think blogger is great and gives you so much more creative control.


  9. Wow girl, I don't even like oatmeal and you made it look amazing! Yummy!