26 May 2010


guys i got a camera yesterday morning. my dad called me -- 6:40am to wake me up so i could meet him downstairs to grab it from him. someone sane would have gone back to bed at 6:55am when i got back to my room, but alas i am not sane and i got to figuring my new friend.

you see i really like photography. my freshman year of high school i was convinced i would be a photographer and and own my own studio. i took photo 1 & 2 in 9th grade, but then i was scared to take photo 3 with all the seniors my sophomore year, so i took entrepreneurs in action. then i realized my love for business.
i also took into to photography last year at indiana university; which shattered me a bit [i got a B].

i have a huge bias for natural studios, always have. a few years ago i deliberately ruined mother's day pictures, because they were being taken at a celebritykids portrait studio [with the giant sheets ugh] & i couldn't stand the way the man's tone when he talked to me.
i would never describe myself as nice.

onto today. today i took pictures. odd ones. not as beautiful as i had hoped, but i have all summer to practice.

without further adiu i now present---emily's mini walk in clifton.

nippert stadium--failed miserably at doing my homework, the music in my ipod was far more important

cincinnati conservatory of music alumni garden; i'm naming this little boy statue peter

obviously i got distracted when i was walking back to my apartment
good old clifton natural foods
rainbow of produce; if only they would lower the price
oh look it's myra's; teeny tiny restaurant where i work

get excited for more pictures to come; i bought this camera as a birthday present to myself && to keep me entertained this summer while i take summer classes.

how do you plan to keep entertained this summer?
any photo tips?


  1. I want to get down and dirty in some mud!!! aka garden...

    its so important that we find the time to think and write about what we enjoy. you inspire me everyday.

    love love lovee youuu. and i'm proud of you ;)

  2. I like these pictures! The bleachers one is my favorite and the restaurant where you work is adorable.

    Follow your dreams!! Always!! :) You can do it.

    What kind of camera did you get??

    eeee. I have also loved photography for yearrrs and after lusting for a slr, I'm going to buy myself one after graduation next week! ee!

  3. YAY for getting a camera ;D

    i have always loved photography too, actually, i remember when i was 10 saying "i'm gonna be a photographer when i grow up!" but then that changed to being a writer for a looong time, now i am back to the photographics hehe.

    my #1 photo tip is it doesn't matter how good of a camera you have, it's about angle / perspectives. and adjust the lighting, exposure, contrast etc. of your pics! i use iPhoto on my mac

    i really like the first picture of the bleacher-bench stretching out...
    can't wait to see mooore :D

    <3 <3 <3 /

  4. New camera, yess!

    Hey girl, it's so good to meet you! I'm totally excited to have a new blog friend...your site is totally cute. Glad you commented so I could find you.
    Did you edit the photo for your header?
    I really like that.

    See ya around!


  5. becca--no i found my header photo on weheartit.com

    magpie--i got a canon sd3500is