23 May 2010

the sun has finally returned. it has been grey as can be around here for the past week and i don't know how long. friday we had a thunderstorm right above our house. lightning struck our next door neighbor's redwood tree. it was devastatingly fascinating.

what do i want? 
i'm at a crossroads. i feel like a damn cliche. i have choices that are only mine to make. i have to decide what i want.

i want beauty. i want laughter. i want the picture in my head. 

i want fresh. i want to flit around town with messy hair and a t-shirt. i want an identity.

step one) smile more.

what do [you] want?

today's agenda: 
  • dave farmar podcast
  • shower
  • produce shopping
  • homework
  • be outside

agenda for this fine sunday?

note: all images from weheartit.com

"the people who make us happy are never the one's you expect." --skins


  1. EMILY

    ok, so I just DIED laughing bc the other week in yoga i totally pulled a 'namaste mothafuckaaa' out of NOWHERE.

    you're awesome. i love you.

    i want to be happy. WITH YOU. guess what else? I finally got stuff for your package, eeek! :D

  2. What do I want? Hmm... a little bit of sun sure wouldn't hurt. It's been cold and rainy here for a while, and it's just getting worse! Today it actually started to snow. Wtf?! But besides sun, I'd love to be a little more carefree and easy going... to just have faith that things are going to work out and not waste so much time worrying about what will be... that kind of peace of mind would be much appreciated.

    On the agenda today isss... not much. Baking up some muffins is pretty much all I have planned for now. Other than that, I'll just wing it.

  3. I love you baby Emz. I feel the same way you do, but you already knew that. I know things will eventually fall into place for you, because they always do, when you least expect them to, but need them to the most. Gooood things --->>YOU. Soon :D

  4. Your blog is beautiful! I love how "be outside" is on your agenda. Sounds like a great Sunday to me :)

  5. i really love your blog!! its so unique and quirky :P
    im definitely following you :)
    im really looking forward to more!!