16 May 2010


thanks for sharing your objects of comfort, i shall be stealing them all and testing them for myself.

i'm a sensitive person. i internalize my reactions most of the time. it takes a toll on me. i am able to turn every misfortune onto myself and accept the responsibility. this responsibility can serve me well, i can get shit done. but it also hurts.
i refuse to make this blog a pity party. it's not going to be rainbows and butterflies either, that's just not me. i'm just here to offer my perspective, however mainstream or abstract it may be.

ever done something out of the ordinary?
yesterday i ditched my meaningless responsibilities, trotted back to my apartment, and joined the party that is constantly bustling in my living space.

did i grab the nasty natty light they wanted to shove down my throat? hell no. i took out my birthday wine [whole food's $5 quail creek chardonnay] uncorked it and poured myself a glass, in my starfish tervis cup, no less [note to self: buy a wine glass].
then i sucked it up on a card game, finished my glass and poured myself another.
hott damn--i didn't die. i did however have the balls to yell at the dumb girl who broke my salad dressing cap.
no i didn't "party" all night long. all the kids left to stumble to better house parties and i put my butt in bed.

photo montage to wine:
seize the day.
kitchen floor glass of white.
maybe i'll live my life this way.
wonderfully ideal.

note: all images from weheartit.com

one of the many things i want to do with my life is a wine tasting, especially at whole foods. at the moment i love white wines, i have yet to graduate onto reds, but one day i'll be sophisticated enough for them ;)

do you like wine?
what's your favorite drink?


  1. love that lion picture!
    glad you had fun wine-ing :)


  2. I have a big problem with putting the blame on myself as well, even when things aren't my fault. I think it's mainly because I'll use any excuse to be hard on myself, but I think that after consciously reminding myself to take it easy on myself, I'm finally starting to get the message because things are getting a bit easier...

    I'm glad you ditched responsibilities for a party :) And of course you didn't die from the extra wine; you were too busy living it up, and that's just the way life should be.

    I don't drink wine often, but I do enjoy a good red once in a while. The title of favorite drink definitely goes to coffee. I try not to drink too much, but what I do drink, I absolutely love love love.