14 May 2010


i really like sitting in awkward places, you know the places that aren't meant for sitting, especially in my apartment. i sit on the window ledge. i sit on the coffee table. i refuse to sit on the couch and love seat.
and i like to perch, like five year olds do, knees tucked to my chest, feet right next to my butt. comfortable.
that's it.
that is what i am constantly searching for--comfort, i'm not really a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of girl; i do however greatly admire those kind of people. i however, just want to be comfortable.
i wasn't comfortable at my old college, or rather i decided i couldn't be comfortable. i'm trying to be comfortable here.

what makes me comfortable?


warm hugs.

my family room floor.




note: all images from wehearit.com

first impressions:
chia tea latte. iced. delicious.
gypsy soup. delicious.
two successes in one yesterday.

what makes you comfortable? i think out of everything though my mom makes me the most comfortable. and my dad. they make things okay.
any good first impressions recently? any bad ones? i get lots of bad first impressions just when i observe, mostly from my overly critical mind. 


  1. I love your blog, and I cant wait to read more in the future! I just love it when I happen upon great blogs like this one..haha, ;)

  2. I love all the things that make you comfortable! mine are pretty much the very similar, coffee, comfy clothes that i feel my best in, good friends and my family, hugs, watching a movie at night and being comfy in my home. anything happy :) and impressions hmmm, idk not recently but i do over analyze people a lot of the time but i like to get to know someone before i make any judgments.
    love your blog change by the way and love all these weheartit pics!! :)


  3. I'm the same way when it comes to loving to sit in awkward places and strange positions; sofas and chairs are overrated if you ask me.

    Things that make me comfortable? Hmm. Teddies. PJ's. Warm cookies. Coffee. The smell of banana bread coming from the oven. Being inside when there's a storm out. Oatmeal. My family... Apparently I like to be comfy, because I'm always seeking these things out.

  4. yeah, I find myself in weird sitting places, too.

    showers, music, my bed, the smell of home, and pajamas make me comfortable :)


  5. I love this post!!!
    pastel colours makes more comfortable and calm. :)