30 May 2010

i can adapt damnit.

but now i want more coffee & spinach, carrots, cucumber, broccoli, avocado, berries, hummus, yogurt. give me back my produce. my cinnamon. my bed.
but scratch all that complaining because i don't want to complain.

i road-tripped up to indiana with my whole family. (dad, mom, me, brother, sister, sister) my brother had a soccer tournament. they lost. i went to one of the games, it was hot. i tried to relax; not so easy, the rooms are cold, we don't have enough water, all chain restaurants, the hotel is questionable.

god emily, shut up.

the more you complain, the more you complain. it does nothing. but i do want to scream a little bit.


  1. you deserve to complain a little bit. you'll be home soon, right? you can make it until then! think how sweet it will be when you finally get home! focus on making it through.


  2. you're allowed to complain. but you're a rock star. which means that you can get through the highs AND the lows.

    WE'RE worth it <3

    thinking of youuu

  3. I used to complain a lot when I travelled if things weren't up to my standards, but I'd always end up looking back at those trips and remembering them fondly anyways. It's okay to be without our comforts sometimes... change is good for us :)